Hugh's Gardens
Address: 100 3rd St West Halstad, MN, 56548
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Phone: 701-793-6830
About Us
The mission of Hugh’s Gardens is simple: to utilize sustainable practices throughout our entire operation; to promote a strong local economy; and to encourage consumers to invest in their health.
Hugh's Gardens LLC is owned by Bjorn Solberg who purchased the business from Hugh Dufner in April of 2019. Hugh's Gardens LLC is an organic potato storage and supply business located in Halstad, MN that works with local organic farmers to store, wash, package, and market their potatoes throughout the region. Because of its underground storage facility, our organic potatoes are able to be stored from September until the end of June--making it perfect for marketing during the school year! We are able to offer red, yellow, and russet potatoes as well as some specialty varieties such as this year's Huckleberry Gold potato, which has a purple skin and yellow flesh, or the Purple Majesty, which is purple throughout.

A healthy environment benefits everyone, from the bees buzzing through the fields pollinating the plants to the consumer living near the field or eating our produce. It all starts with the farming methods utilized by the producers of Hugh’s Gardens. Each producer must achieve and maintain organic certification through a USDA recognized certifier. There are many key components to farming in an organic way. Growing diverse crops and building organic matter by applying compost and green manure into the soil not only introduces a variety of nutrients, but also helps conserve water. Organic producers also have a limited amount of organically approved inputs to use throughout the growing process—meaning you can be assured that no harmful chemicals will be present in the environment and therefore in the produce you consume. Organic producers are also required to keep extensive records and are subject to random inspections from their certifier. With potatoes being one of the most heavily inundated crops with pesticide (35 different pesticides found with conventional potatoes), Hugh’s Gardens is proud to partner with producers who are able to grow potatoes without using one. Organic farmers use natural practices such as:

1) Using crop rotation and cover crops to add nutrients to the soil
2) Cultivating (digging up) or hilling (covering up) weeds to get rid of them
3) Using fermented plants to keep bugs away or kill them
4) Storing them as cold, dark, and humid as possible to keep them in good condition