You Betcha Kimchi
City: Falcon Heights, MN,
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About Us
You Betcha Kimchi is a Minnesota grown business started by Iman Mefleh and Joe Silberschmidt, a young vibrant couple with a passion for bold fermented flavors and sustainable agriculture. These entrepreneurs began with the vision of a tasty Minnesotan take on kimchi using all locally grown, organic veggies. And so it began in 2013 by chopping cabbage in the laughably little kitchen of their south Minneapolis apartment, raising the eyebrows of neighbors with kimchi’s formidable aroma. Friends and family, then friends of friends, then farmer’s markets began to catch the kimchi fever. The project quickly outgrew its pot and as You Betcha grew, so did its partnerships with local farmers. After a year of growing the veggies themselves, Iman and Joe now work directly with Minnesota and Wisconsin organic farms and this direct sourcing allows them to ensure the highest quality ingredients and lend the fullest possible support to local farmers. Even the ginger is local which means that it’s never cured and has an unmistakably signature zing. You Betcha Kimchi is proud of their product and hand-make each and every batch themselves.