Maazah Chutney
Contact: Steve Young-Burns
Address: 1790 Larpenteur Avenue West Falcon Heights, MN, 55113
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Phone: 612-819-1924
About Us
Maazah Chutney is a small-batch, gourmet, goes-with-anything condiment made at The Good Acre's shared-use kitchen in Falcon Heights, MN. Sisters and Maazah Chutney makers, Sheilla and Yasameen, come from a large Afghani family who not only spent a lot of time together around the dinner table, but in the kitchen too. Their mom taught them that good food starts with good ingredients. Her secret? Never measuring a thing. Following her lead, the two sisters learned to understand flavors, what creates them and what brings each of them out.

Growing up, this chutney was know as “Magic Green Sauce”. It was like ketchup to their family, and they put it on everything. In 2014, Sheilla and Yasameen started making small batches of "Magic Green Sauce" and shortly after renamed the product “Maazah” meaning “flavor” in Farsi. If you're curious about Yasameen’s favorite way to enjoy her chutney, she loves it on grilled shrimp skewers and said it’s a lifesaver in any recipes that have gone awry. A dollop of chutney might just be the ticket to get your recipe back on track!