Fiddlehead Farm
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We do not currently have any growing certifications but grow using organic practices. We have food handling certifications. Currently we are exempt from FSMA but do closely follow their rules/recommendations for growing safety.

We use high quality non GMO seeds from reputable sources and we choose organic seeds whenever possible.

All greens are grown indoors in a controlled environment. Rarely we do have pests (gnats) from the soil, but those are mostly controlled by not over watering and using yellow sticky traps when necessary. Microgreens and shoots are grown using a combination of peat and coco coir, additionally some varieties are grown hydroponically on hemp mats. All mats and “soil” from end use are composted and used in garden beds for our edible flowers or donated to those needing additional compost.

We test our water on a regular basis and microgreens are bottom watered. This means that no water actually touches the leaves once they emerge!

Harvesting is done in a separate clean space from the grow room, using sanitized tools. Trays are hand harvested! This means that we do not run trays through a cutting system and you do not get soil bits in the greens and we can inspect each cut for problem areas of trays to provide the ultimate in freshness. We do not wash our greens, so cleanliness and sanitation are of utmost importance to us. The manner in which these greens are grown and harvested do not really require any washing nor do they really hold up to washing (especially due to their delicate nature) for concerned customers we recommend a quick rinse and spin dry just prior to usage.