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About Us
Spark-Y Urban Farm
Spark-Y empowers youth through experiential learning in sustainability
and entrepreneurship. One method for achieving this mission is through our
onsite Urban Ag. Lab, where a variety of microgreens are being grown by youth,
and sold locally in the Twin Cities.
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What is a Microgreen?
Microgreens are just what you think: a small edible leafy green that can
be grown from nearly any vegetable. Generally harvested before the first
set of true leaves emerge, a microgreen packs a mean punch of
flavor! Use on burgers, salads, tacos, pasta, stir fried, or even in a green

At Spark-Y we value a fresh and high quality product. All of our
microgreens are grown to order, which is why we ask for a 2 week
minimum advanced order notice. We are currently growing
three microgreen varieties, and offering them in 4 oz clamshells,
or 1 lb bulk compostable bags.